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Internships are important. For you as a pupil or student, it allows you to put theoretical knowledge into practice, and we get to know pupils and students who may come to work with us after their studies.

We are a recognised training company for Metal and Electrical training courses. But also for ECABO training courses and Laboratory training courses.

There are plenty of opportunities to do an internship at Zeeland Refinery or to write your dissertation. We have already supervised interns from various courses. You can come to us not only if you are studying to become an Operator, but also if you are studying to become a Laboratory Technician or an Administrative Assistant. If you are studying at a HTS (technical college), HBO (university of professional education) or university, you can come to us for an internship or dissertation.

Would you like more information about a possible internship? Feel free to call us, or send an email to [email protected].

Not ready for an internship yet?

Are you not yet ready for an internship? Perhaps you are still unsure which training course you want to follow? Then this might be a tip for you: the number of pupils and students following a technical education (MBO [secondary vocational education], HBO and university) is declining. Many ‘technical people’ will retire at Zeeland Refinery in the coming years. We are already seeing this in our company. For those who are going to pursue a technical education now, this can lead to many opportunities.

At Zeeland Refinery, we have already welcomed students from a pre-vocational secondary education course (VMBO) on a number of occasions for a trial period. This way, you can explore if working in process engineering or at a refinery is something you are interested in.

Would you like to know more about this trial period? Feel free to call us, or email your question to [email protected].


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