About Zeeland Refinery


Safety is our number one priority. From safe installations and protective equipment to good procedures and safety conduct – safety always comes first.

and energy efficiency

Energy efficiency plays an important role in our sustainability goals. In addition to our energy-saving projects, we also invest in the generation of renewable energy. Several of our initiatives make us one of the most energy-efficient refineries in Europe.

Environment and biodiversity

We take responsibility in environmental matters.


Because we think it is important to be a good neighbour, we support a number of social and community activities in the region. To this end, Zeeland Refinery has made three funds available for art and cultural events, educational projects as well as recreational and sporting events, which are distributed in small amounts within the province of Zeeland.

In addition, the Zeeland Refinery Foundation is committed to making social projects financially possible in the fields of education, the environment, culture and sports, nature and landscape, and maintaining the quality of life in the surrounding communities. The foundation also intends to initiate and/or financially support projects in the area of scientific research.

Our products

We keep the world moving. We do this by making fuels and other important products and raw materials from crude oil in an advanced refining process.


Safety is our top priority


We continuously invest in our sustainability goals


We like to be a good neighbour in our region


We take responsibility in environmental matters