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Zeeland Refinery turns crude oil into fuels. The crude oil is transported to us from the Maasvlakte Oil Terminal via a 138-kilometre underground pipeline. In an advanced refining process, we extract the fuels LPG, petrol, kerosene, diesel and fuel oil (for shipping) from the crude oil. In addition, we make solvents and raw materials for making plastics in smaller quantities. Of the 11.5 million tonnes of products that Zeeland Refinery produces annually, 97% are shipped via the Van Cittershaven. Half of our products are delivered to customers in Belgium. Other countries we deliver to are the Netherlands and Germany.

Main processes

The first processing of the oil takes place in the Crude Distillation Unit. By separating at boiling points, we obtain a number of high-quality products that are sold as fuel or raw material for the production of plastics, for example. After this initial separation, the heavy product, the atmospheric residue, undergoes a second treatment in a vacuum distillation system. This produces a heavy gas oil that serves as a raw material for the hydrocracker. In the hydrocracker reactors, hydrogen is added to convert the heavy gas oil into high-quality products that, like the products of the Crude Distillation Unit, are sold as fuel or as a raw material for the production of plastics.


Zeeland Refinery invests EUR 50–60 million in the refinery every year with projects for capacity increase, safety, energy conservation and other environmental projects. For example, investments were made in a new control room in 2012 and a new high-voltage switching station in 2014. In 2018, work started on expanding the hydrocracker, one of the refinery’s main units, with a third reactor. Thanks to this third reactor, CO2 emissions of about 10,000 tonnes per year will be avoided. Also, during construction, employment in the region increased by 75 to 100 person-years.

Care systems

Zeeland Refinery makes important products that are in high demand. The products we make are all of the highest quality. In order to guarantee this high quality, we have various quality systems.

For the environment we are certified for the environmental management system ISO-14001, while for the quality of our products we have the NEN-EN-ISO 9001 certificate. Our safety management system is MAESTRO, which is mainly used in the petrochemical industry. These three care systems determine the approach to our daily activities.


Zeeland Refinery prefers to transport its raw materials and end products via underground pipelines. This is the safest mode of transport for oil products. The main pipeline runs from the Maasvlakte Oil Terminal to Zeeland Refinery in Vlissingen.

The pipelines are managed by Total Opslag en Pijpleiding Nederland (TOPN), Zeeland Refinery’s pipeline company. TOPN is engaged in conducting inspections, carrying out maintenance, liaising with landowners, tenants and managers, and implementing new legislation surrounding the management of the pipelines.

Are you a landowner and have you noticed anything unusual (unannounced digging in the pipeline strip, soil subsidence near the pipeline, discolouration in the field or ditch water)? Then call the emergency telephone number: 0113-619555. One of our employees will immediately arrive on site to investigate the situation.


Safety is our top priority


We continuously invest in our sustainability goals


We like to be a good neighbour in our region


We take responsibility in environmental matters