Personal safety

Zeeland Refinery aims to ensure that everyone goes home safe and sound after every working day. One of the most important factors in personal safety is human behaviour. When we follow procedures that eliminate risks, unsafe situations and accidents are prevented.

Thanks to our work permit system, we manage potential risks and give full attention to safety during the performance of all work. Necessary personal protective equipment (such as helmets and safety goggles) is readily available. Workplaces are made safe through risk assessments and evaluations, and observation rounds are also conducted during which corrections are made and praise is given. Accidents and near-accidents are reported so that improvements can be made to measures, working methods and policies.

Process safety

Safe installations and procedures that eliminate risks are an important part of safety. However, with a good safety culture, an additional step can be taken. Through our ‘We Intervene!’ safety culture programme we focus on praising good behaviour, putting a stop to unsafe behaviour, addressing each other with respect, listening to each other, being open to feedback and cooperation.

Everyone participates: employees from all departments, management and contractors. Our safety culture has the added advantage that our employees enjoy their work more, work more efficiently and are less prone to absenteeism.

Safety culture programme

Flammable and toxic substances are present in our plants. If these substances are released, it could lead to exposure, a fire or even an explosion. Process safety (the safe handling of hazardous substances in processing plants) prevents this. A processing plant is safe when it can withstand the properties of the hazardous substances and the operational conditions. Standards and specifications are applied for this.

Plants must be kept in good condition. That is why there are inspection programmes to measure wall thicknesses, preventive maintenance is carried out, safeguards are tested and faults are repaired in a timely manner. By means of safety studies, we examine in a structured manner how plants can be made even safer and how changes can be implemented in a controlled manner.

Company fire brigade

Zeeland Refinery is a BRZO company and is, therefore, obliged to have a company fire brigade. That is why we have our own company fire brigade 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A complete fire brigade team of 6 is present at any given point during the day. This is filled by 16 full-time Fire & Safety employees, divided over five shifts, and operators who are trained to perform firefighting tasks.

Everyone in our fire brigade is trained according to a government-approved training plan. Our fire brigade has the most modern equipment at its disposal for fighting various types of fire – our foam fire-fighting vehicles and fire containers are specially designed for us, are very modern and have a large extinguishing capacity.

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