Press release

Nieuwdorp – 3 february 2023

A serious incident occurred at Zeeland Refinery on Friday morning, 3 February 2023, during maintenance work. Unfortunately, as a result of this incident, one person from a contractor company has lost his life.

For now, no further details can be given regarding the victim, including identity.

Official emergency services were quickly on the scene to take over the care of the refinery emergency services. We are grateful to them for their efforts. But above all, we wish to express our condolences to the relatives of the deceased and deeply regret what happened.

With regard to the exact facts of the incident, it seems inappropriate to us to make any announcements about it until further investigations are carried out. The refinery will conduct an in-depth investigation. Zeeland Refinery has informed all relevant authorities about the incident.

All work under the maintenance freeze has been halted for now. Zeeland Refinery will ensure that victim support is made available to (contractor) staff as quickly as possible.