Operational Leader Felix Piets: "You can achieve a lot here. And you are not just a number."

How did you end up at Zeeland Refinery?

“The intention was to return to Twente after my internship at Zeeland Refinery, but I never left. I started as a Process Engineer and now work as an Assistant Superintendent in the operations department. Before my internship, I intended to pursue a career in the academic world, but the internship completely changed that.”

What does an Assistant Superintendent do?

“As an operational leader, I manage the five shift teams of operators working on our hydrocracker complex. The daily optimisation of the production units is my main responsibility. Increasing production capacity, saving energy, monitoring product qualities compared to the specifications. Also, I coordinate with the maintenance department and other departments such as Planning, Process Engineering and HSEQ.”

How would you describe Zeeland Refinery to others?

“Zeeland Refinery is an informal yet professional organisation with a great performance. A lot is expected from you by colleagues; however, you also get the freedom to apply your own ideas. You can achieve a lot here. And you are not just a number.”

Do you now deal with the same subject as during your studies?

“I graduated in CO2 capture: is it possible, what does it cost. Now, ten years on, we are actually getting to the point where we start seeing the commercial application of CO2 capture in industry. So, what you are currently learning at the university may soon be extremely relevant for companies such as Zeeland Refinery.”