Donation and sponsorship


We like to be a good neighbour in our region. That is why we support a number of social and community activities in the region. We do this by making a financial contribution to art and cultural events, educational projects and recreational and sporting events in the province of Zeeland.

Because we value and encourage voluntary work for the community, it is also possible for our own (contractor) employees to submit a sponsorship or donation request for an association or club of which they are a member.


We receive many donation requests every year. Therefore, it is possible that your request may be rejected even though it meets all the criteria. Donations are always made on a one-off basis and do not imply an obligation for subsequent years.

Criteria that are important for us include:

  • The public and community nature of an initiative
  • The application focuses on art/culture, education, sport, music, sustainability or safety
  • The region where the initiative will take place.
  • Possible media attention and consideration from the applicant (placement of logo on website, etc.)
  • We do not sponsor for-profit organisations, individuals and activities of a political or religious nature. Furthermore, we do not sponsor initiatives that raise funds for other charities.

Please send your substantiated request, including your full name and address and account number, to:
[email protected]


Safety is our top priority


We continuously invest in our sustainability goals

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We take responsibility in environmental matters


We take responsibility in environmental matters