About Zeeland Refinery

High-quality employment and internships

Zeeland Refinery offers high-quality jobs at MBO, HBO and university level. We have approximately 22 (mostly technical) vacancies per year. We have extensive in-house training opportunities and a career planning system at all levels: Operator, Project Engineer, Laboratory Technician, Firefighter, Maintenance Technician, E&I Engineer, Safety Specialist and so on.
In addition, Zeeland Refinery is a well-known work placement site for many students. We provide internships at MBO, HBO and university level. We have close relationships with Scalda, HZ University of Applied Sciences and the Technical Universities in Delft, Eindhoven, Twente and Ghent. In the past year, we have welcomed more than 30 interns.

Working conditions

It is important to us that our organisation consists of happy, motivated and valued employees. Job satisfaction is largely determined by working conditions.

The average working time for shift workers is 33.9 hours per week. Employees working the day shift (Monday to Friday) work an average of 38 hours per week. The minimum number of holiday days is 25. In addition, you are entitled to 14 ADV (shorter working hour) days annually, one of which is determined collectively.

For each employee, Zeeland Refinery makes an annual budget available in the form of a multiple-choice scheme. The additional choice scheme can be used by the employee in several ways each year, for example, participation in a bicycle scheme, supplementing statutory care leave or travel costs, or a one-off gross salary payment.


Feeling fit and healthy, having a challenging job – we want our employees to feel and stay energetic. This is why Zeeland Refinery attaches great importance to vitality. We are therefore very proud that in 2018 we were named the Most Vital Company in Zeeland.

Our vitality policy consists of numerous schemes and facilities aimed at supporting our people in this regard. We have a company fitness plan, a bicycle scheme and a company restaurant with a focus on healthy food. We also actively participate in many sporting events such as the Roparun, the Zwaakse Weel Loop and Ride For The Roses.

Training and development

Choosing to work at Zeeland Refinery means more than choosing a job, it means choosing a career. Because we believe it is important that employees continue to develop, extensive training opportunities and career paths have been mapped out within Zeeland Refinery. Operators are trained according to our proprietary licence system, where each licence represents professional knowledge of a particular area of the refinery in which an operator works.

In addition, our employees can, upon request, attend courses and training that are not directly job-related. We see this as an important means of offering our employees the opportunity to continue to develop professionally.

Effective sick leave policy

It is important to us that all employees go home in the evening as healthy as they arrived in the morning. We are proud that the absenteeism rate is around 2.2%, where the national average is 4%.

Our sick leave policy is, of course, aimed at providing good support for people who are ill. In addition, we have a four-year cycle in which all employees are invited for a free medical check-up. Part of that check-up is the Workability Index and Duurzaam@Work questionnaire. These questionnaires provide insight into the physical and mental state of our employees and are a good predictor of possible illness or problems later on. Because we perform this measurement every four years, the company doctor can also see individual trends. The company doctor can then talk to the employee and help prevent an employee from leaving work unexpectedly.

Internationally oriented

Zeeland Refinery is a joint venture. 55% of the shares are owned by TotalEnergies, founder of Zeeland Refinery in the early 1970s. TotalEnergies is a multinational with nearly 100,000 employees and companies in more than 130 countries. Together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, TotalEnergies is one of the world’s largest international oil and gas companies and a refining market leader in Western Europe.45% of the shares are owned by the international trading and supply company Litasco.

Living and
working in Zeeland

A job at Zeeland Refinery gives you the opportunity to work and live in a beautiful and peaceful environment. Zeeland is one of the most beautiful and sunniest provinces of our country. Zeeland offers peace, space, water and beaches. Historic cities give the region appeal and, moreover, Belgium, Brabant and the Randstad are surprisingly close by. Bergen op Zoom, Ghent, Antwerp and Rotterdam are all within easy reach.

The quality of life is high, housing costs are still lower than elsewhere. The range of accommodation and living environments is varied. The province is especially popular with water sports enthusiasts, beach lovers and nature and outdoor enthusiasts.


Safety is our top priority​t


We continuously invest in our sustainability goals


We like to be a good neighbour in our region


We take responsibility in environmental matters